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App & Game APIs

Alchemy's best-in-class blockchain infrastructure lets you focus on developing your games, and lets your users focus on playing them.

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  • Kyber
  • Opensea
  • 0x
  • Mew
  • ShapeShift
  • Opera
  • DyDx
"Alchemy is an absolute gamechanger. It powers all of our blockchain infrastructure and has greatly accelerated our business."
Top Ethereum Dapp and Collectible

Data Consistency

Incorrect data in blockchain is a nightmare. In the best case, the inconsistent data returned by in-house nodes and other blockchain providers forces engineers to spend hundreds of hours debugging and writing workarounds.

In the worst case, it corrupts databases and destroys user experience. We've already solved the data consistency problem for hundreds of applications. Let us do the same for you.

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Your users didn't buy their new gaming rigs so they could get to loading screens faster. Our users have measured, and the results are in: there is simply no smoother, faster access to the Ethereum network than Alchemy.

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We dare you to try and outgrow us. Alchemy is built using the same technology and techniques used to scale Facebook, Amazon, and Google, so that you can onboard millions more users without a single code change to your blockchain infrastructure. Ready, set, scale! You're in good hands.

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