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Tackling problems for our clients to help them grow and build.
"Alchemy resolved the consistency issues that had previously reared their head, removing 98% of user complaints and significantly improving Augur's user experience and adoption."
- Alex Chapman, Augur CTO
Transforming user experiences to drive projects to hyper-growth.
Augur is a leading decentralized oracle and peer-to-peer protocol for prediction markets.
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"With Alchemy, the difference in performance was remarkable. We now consistently process blockchain data 3-4x faster on both mainnets and testnets."
- Sean Li, Fortmatic CEO
Blazing fast speed plus reliable infrastructure for the ultimate Fortmatic experience.
Fortmatic built an SDK that enables users to interact with dapps from any browser or device with a seamless UX.
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Case Studies
Turning lead to gold, one block at a time.
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