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The fastest, most reliable blockchain gateway

Teams use Alchemy so they can focus 100% on building successful blockchain companies. Alchemy works with all your existing code, but is powered by a revolutionary new infrastructure under the hood.

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Alchemy infrastructure has been battle-tested in production over hundreds of blockchain applications. Never worry again about your application going down or waking up at night to restart servers.

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Grow your user base and know that your scaling needs are handled automatically. Alchemy is powered by the same scalable technologies behind Facebook and Google.

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Unlike other solutions that just load balance traffic across multiple nodes and cause bugs with inconsistent blockchain data, Alchemy has been re-engineered from the ground up to present a fully consistent view of the blockchain.

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The fastest blockchain gateway solution as benchmarked by third parties. Deliver faster, smoother user experiences and build more advanced backend infrastructure.

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Plug and Play

Use Alchemy the same way you'd use your own node and integrate with our web API in seconds, without changing any of your existing code. Think of it as an incredibly fast, reliable, and scalable node.

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Turning lead to gold, one block at a time.
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